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Tonga baskets are superior quality, hand-woven baskets that are sourced from Africa. Our Tonga Baskets are made in the Binga district of Northern Zimbabwe from all-natural dyes and locally harvested materials such as ilala palm. 

The baskets come in a range of intricately made patterns and boast a flat base to keep them stable. Each basket is designed by the Tonga women who are known for their excellent basket weaving skills. Locals use them to carry their farm produce and to winnow the grain.

They have been used around the world to add luxury and earthy ethnic touches to interiors. They make a striking wall decor, especially when grouped together or place on  These shallow woven baskets can also be used for fruit and bread, or for displaying jewellery, scarves, hand-towels the list goes on!

Weaving these baskets sustains a lot of poor families by helping them earn a profit from their basket weaving art. Since the Tonga people live in an arid area that experiences drought and poverty, the basket making art helps women feed their young ones. 

Product details

- Size: 33-35cm.
- Loop on the reverse for hanging.


Ilala Palm


Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Keep out of direct sunlight to preserve colours.

As each basket is handmade with natural materials, there may be some variations making each basket unique.

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