Behind every brand is a story and at Ashepa Lifestyle, our story is our brand. It’s a narrative derived from the wonderful African people who create our beautiful authentic products and driven by the meaning of our name, which is happiness.

Ashepa was founded by myself, Chetna Bhatt. Having been born in Kenya, I possess a passion and love for the vast array of tribal culture, distinctive soulful crafts and wealth of artistry within Africa. After moving to Asia, I wanted to change the story of what people think when they imagined Africa and connect them with the timeless art of my home country. Africa is the world’s fastest-growing continent, being both resourceful and possessing an abundance of talent and richness.

At Ashepa, we are bringing ‘Afroluxe’ to the world. We are sharing its vivid diversity and creativity in each of our high- quality products, which are created by some of the best artisanal talents that Africa, has to offer.

Not only are our original homewares, jewellery and accessories eye-catching and practical, but they inspire with their own unique stories. These stories come from the relationships we’ve built, the growth opportunities for the artisans we’ve created and the community-based initiatives we promote.

Every handmade product is crafted with love and also celebrates and challenges ethical and sustainable lifestyles. We have nurtured our artisans, so they can have a sustainable job in their own country, enabling them to support their communities and their happiness.

We hope you enjoy your purchases and thank you for your support.

Yours truly,

Chetna Bhatt



Kazuri, which means small and beautiful in Swahili, is hand-painted ceramic jewellery made in Kenya.

Every bead which makes up a necklace or bracelet is shaped by hand by one of the 300 local women employed by Kazuri.

In an age of mass-produced goods, Kazuri jewellery stands out as a little bit different. As every piece of jewellery is handmade, every one is unique. Indeed, many pieces take on the quirks and trademarks of the individual people who shape the beads, paint them or string them, giving them soul as well as beauty.   

The women employed by Kazuri receive a salary 3 times more than the average national wage in Kenya. In recognition of its social commitments to Fairtrade it has earned itself the label for IFTA (International Fair Trade Association).


Maasai cultural heritage is rich in traditional beadwork that has been practiced for years. An inherited skill that has been passed on for generations to produce colourful and vibrant pieces from jewellery to homeware.

This tribe has influenced many designers around the world. Each colour and piece made has a meaning.


We support a community based organization that empowers young women to become potential and responsible industrious women of the world.

All Ashepa bags are made by these aspiring young women.

The Center is a 'Learn and Earn' Centre where each girl is able to learn a skill that gives her an income generating skill which will take her family out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Sizing Chart



The following ring size guide is perfect if you're looking purchase a ring online, and you are unsure of the exact size. If you have an existing ring that is a comfortable fit on your finger and doesn't slip off your knuckle, then that would be perfect to find your ring size.

How to measure ring size:

Step 1 - Print out the below ring size chart at 100% and make sure the line in the image measures exactly 135mm.

Step 2 - Place your ring so that the black circle is exactly touching the inside of your ring. This will give you your correct ring sizing.

If you hesitate between 2 sizes, choose the larger one.