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Jewellery Care Guide

Ashepa jewellery, crafted with care by skilled artisans, seamlessly combines traditional techniques with modern design. From their hands to yours, here are tips to keep your jewelry shining for years to come.

Like all jewellery, our pieces require a little bit of care and attention to keep them looking as new and shiny as when you received them. Metals, by their very nature, react with their atmosphere and change in tone over time. With these top tips, however, you can maintain their finishes to suit your personal style and preference.

About Brass

Unique and attractive in so many ways, brass jewelry only continues to become more popular with each passing year. Brass is a metal material that is widely used by jewelry designers. Because of its colour and texture, we use this material as a base material for our designs. Therefore, you should make sure that your jewellery is properly worn, cleaned, and stored. Humidity also accelerates the rate of tarnishing for all metals. There are some methods that you can use to clean your brass jewelry to keep it well-maintained and looking new! 

About Tarnishing

When jewellery changes colour, it’s actually the result of a chemical reaction. On a daily basis, your jewelry is in contact with the oils and sweat from your body, as well as the various chemicals in the air. The metal of your jewelry will be affected over time after long-term exposure to these chemicals, and the surface will begin to form compounds that change the color of the metal.

For silver and gold plated jewelry, occasional cleaning with a soft cloth will keep your jewelry shiny and remove the oxidation, however, excessive polishing may rub off or scratch the plating.

D.I.Y Tips: How To Clean Your Brass Jewellery


These are powerful natural cleaners on their own, but when united, this dynamic duo removes brass buildup with ease. Start by squeezing the juice from half of a lemon into a bowl. Add 1 tsp. baking soda and mix. With a clean cloth, rub some of the mixture onto the brass. Polish and buff away grime, reapplying the mixture as needed. Wipe away any leftover residue with a wet rag, then dry with a clean cloth. Use a toothbrush to get into spaces that are hard to get to.


Sometimes the simplest brass cleaning methods are the most effective. If you're short on supplies, try soap and water. Make a warm bath with a few tablespoons of soap, soak the brass briefly, then scrub with a microfiber cloth or toothbrush. Once the tarnish is gone, rinse and dry with a clean cloth.


Use a mild metal polish and a soft cloth to bring back the shine on brass and gold.


Remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities. We do not recommend to wear jewellery when you are sleeping, going into water, or participating in sporting activities. Water will contribute to the tarnishing of your jewellery. Therefore, always remover your jewellery before entering the water. Chemicals, as found in soaps, cleaning products, and swimming pools, will increase the tarnishing process.

Please note that our jewellery pieces are gold plated and which may darken or tarnish with normal wear. Exposure to air, light, and humidity can cause your jewellery to tarnish over time. Besides, excessive light, heat, or moisture will deteriorate the quality of the gold plating.

Therefore, when storing your jewellery, we recommend doing so in an airtight box or the similar to Ashepa cloth bags and store it in a dark place.

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