Add a dash of opulence to the table with these luxury Ankole napkin rings. 

Expertly hand crafted from horn and brass, these napkin rings are adorned with brass studs along the surface. The artisans have meticulously placed each stud.

These simply stunning and unique napkin rings are a statement. 

As each piece is handmade, and the DNA of the horn is like a fingerprint, every piece is different which makes no piece ever the same. 

Product Details

- Set of 4 Napkin rings.
- Height is 5cm x 4cm diameter (approx)
- Colour: Mixed grains
- Handcrafted in Kenya.

Please note that there may be some variations and your order may differ from the image. 

Care Instructions

Wipe clean with damp cloth. Keep out of direct sunlight. Not dishwasher safe.

Brass: Simply clean with soapy water, lemon juice or professional brass polish. 

Wipe clean with a soft cloth as needed. 

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