This beautiful giraffe pot is carved by hand and is a work of art. Mined and cut from the quarries of the Tamaka Hills of Kisii, Kenya. One of the few regions in the world where you can obtain this material.

The white colour is the natural colour of the stone and no dye has been added to so it doesn't modify the true tones of this stunning natural material.

Use as decor, placing potpourri, bar nibbles, chocolates, and jewellery. The material is a metamorphic rock that is non-porous and thus can hold water as well.

The material is then carved and sanded by hand by artisans from the region. People from the Kisii region have inherited the craft of working with this natural material which has resulted in this beautiful piece. Carefully chiseled detail is etched on the outside that gives a texture that contrasts with the smooth finish on the inside.

This craft enables the people of Tamaka Hills in Kisii county a better quality of life and helps the artisans break the cycle of poverty in the region.

Product Details

- Material: Soapstone

- Handcrafted in Kisii, Kenya.



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