Ashepa is a showcase of Kenyan contemporary design: inspired, authentic, beautiful.


We believe in Africa. In its rich heritage. In the ingenuity of its people and their ability to support their communities. We believe in the power of design, the quality of handcraft artisans and their ability to enrich our lives.


We are committed to authentic, beautifully made home goods, jewellery and accessories that have been ethically made up to the highest quality.


Ashepa is a platform to empower and connect the world to the best of up and coming African design and artisan talent.


Each item starts with a design vision. Having been exposed to African art our entire lives, we are always on the look out for something different and exciting.


Each purchase that is made provides these artisans with a source of income, through which they can educate their families that will in return encourage small family business in the same trade.


Ashepa was born from a passion for sharing unique and beautiful things. The word means happiness and that is exactly what we are hoping to spread with this collection. Happiness for our incredible artisans, designers and makers. Happiness for you and your family.



Our Mission: To create happiness for the artisans and happiness for the buyer.